Having Chronic Kidney Disease can be scary and lonely, Opening up to tell your personal story can be even harder. At KWM we encourage Kidney Warriors to tell their story through the use of our Warriors Wall written format or our Message of Hope video format. Our slogan is “Starting Conversations” we use our platform to help Warriors tell their story on social media and our website but understand the fear of opening up to something so very personal. We have located two articles that will help explain how telling your story can be effective.

The first articles was written by Brianne Benness in titled “STORYTELLING 101: HOW TO TELL YOUR CHRONIC ILLNESS STORY” Found at

Brianne is listed as a producer of the no end in sight podcast found at

In this article the author Brianne Benness speaks about five major points that will help you prepare to tell your story. With the focus being you the patients.

In an overview of the authors suggested points she suggests that the first major step is to get inspired. For example you could take a moment to read the other stories found at learn how others are telling their personal story. In the second point define your boundaries you may want to keep some of your story personal and that is your right to do so. In the third section the author states to keep it simple, start off with a short version of your story that then can be edited and grown as you have more experiences. In the fourth and fifth part of telling your personal story the author recommends that you capture the true feelings that you’re are feeling but remembering that you may want to still leave out certain aspects of your journey that you are not ready to share. Then the fifth point is to sit down and start writing. Give your story life.

The Second article that I found was written in 2016 but holds true today. The title of the article is “Three reasons to tell your story” Found at there is no mention of the author of this article but more can be found on their website.

In an overview of this second article the author uses

some different points to view the importance of telling your story in fact they view three points. The first point is to empower yourself and others. The author explains how each person has something to share, and how your story could help others that have not gotten to or experienced the situation that you have been through at that point of your CKD journey. In the second point made by the author they state that with so much noise on the internet explaining you story first had given truth to a situation. Also it helps with the advocacy of your disease. In the third and final part of the article the author explains how telling your story can be good for your mental and physical health.

We have seen and heard from the Warriors who have shared their personal story with us the benefits of doing so. Their experience has led to them with the following.

· Created Connections – In telling their story Warriors have made connections with others that were in the same situation or had the same disease.

· Became Educated – Warriors have expressed that they learned something that others have experienced.

· Stress Release – Warriors have expressed that in telling their story the feeling of stress and loneliness felt lifted.

In conclusion at KWM we have many ways to help you the Warrior tell your story if you have just been diagnosed with kidney disease, on dialysis looking for a kidney donor to those who have had a transplant. We welcome all stories from people with all levels of CKD. The most important aspect for us is helping you start the conversation that will help you or another warrior. Feel free to reach out and start the conversation with us.

Kyle Hockridge is the operator of (KWM). With an objective of spreading the word of kidney disease to every corner of the earth. Kyle wrote this article to help give an understanding to what telling your personal story can do for you and others. Kyle can be reached through KWM email found at or through the KWM handle on all social media platforms.


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