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Warrior Chris Ruth  Ontario Canada

chris r 2.jpeg

Warrior Chris needs a Kidney.

He is listed at Thunder Bay Regional Health Science Centre.

1-416-340-4800 EXT-4848

Blood Type: O


To hear Chris's full Interview On Hope With Jonathan: CLICK HERE

Warrior Mark Rose Massachusetts, USA

Warrior Mark.jpg

Warrior Mark needs a Kidney.

He is listed at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. 1-617-632-6851

Blood Type: O

To hear Marks full story CLICK HERE

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Warrior Bobby Buchholz

Kentucky, USA

Warrior Bobby.jpg

Warrior Bobby needs a Kidney.

He is listed at UK Health Care Lexington 1-859-257-1000

Blood Type: A+

To hear Bobby's full story CLICK HERE


Warrior Shannon MacDonald

Ontario, Canada

warrior Shannon.jpg

Warrior Shannon needs a Kidney.

She is listed at St Michaels Hospital  1-416-867-3676 or LiveDonorTeam@smh.ca

Blood Type: A


Warrior Shannon is fighting PKD (polycystic kidney disease) Diagnose at the age of 12, her kidneys went into failure at the age of 40 shortly after a stroke she has started dialysis and continues treatments twice a week.

Warrior Nicole Keplinger


Nichole 1st warrior.jpg

Warrior Nicole was born at 1.5LBs at 27 weeks. She was born with Hypoplastic Kidneys. Her Kidneys were too small to function and even molded together causing them to become horseshoe kidneys. Nicole was placed in the NICU for the first 3 Months of her life as she was so small.  

Doctors thought that she would not live past her first year. But Nicole is a true Warrior. She received her kidney transplant at the age of five. 22 years later Nicole still has her transplanted kidney. 

After many surgeries and hospitalization Nicole continues with her treatments.  

Nicole has stated “I have had some hiccups along the way but I wouldn’t change it for the world” 

We at Kidney Warrior Merch support our Warrior Nicole in her situation and commend her for her bravery in sharing her story with the world and in her fight with Kidney Disease. 

Warrior BO

Massachusetts, USA

Bo Harris Main Campaign Profile Photo ©

WEBSITE: www.kidney4bo.com

FACEBOOK: @Kidney4Bo 


EMAIL : kidney4bo@gmail.com

Warrior Bo has end-stage renal failure and needs a kidney. He is listed at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, MA in the US. He is a lung cancer survivor and has type one diabetes. Because of these experiences, he was already somewhat prepared for the medical side of CKD. He wasn't, however, prepared for the year-long search for a kidney donor and need to rely on the community for his ask. He has been actively sharing his story on Facebook and Instagram since April, and is hoping he gets a transplant before he needs dialysis. You can find him on Facebook or Instagram at @Kidney4Bo. To read up on how to register as his living donor, check out www.kidney4bo.com. You may contact him via email at kidney4bo@gmail.com


Warrior Jonathan Traylor

Texas, USA

jonathan story.jpeg

Warrior Bernadette Forystek

Utah, USA



PLEASE CALL: 801-581‑2634


My name is Bernadette Forystek and I am in dire need of a kidney transplant.  My doctor says I will need a transplant or dialysis within the next 6 months. Without a living donor, the wait time for a kidney is around 5-7 years.  My favor of you, is to ask that if you can’t donate, please share  on your Facebook Wall so that it can get exposure I need to find a living donor quickly.  I don’t want to leave my family without a mother, wife, sister and grandmother. That is what I fear for more than I fear for my life.  Thank you for reading this, for your consideration and for sharing my story with the world.

Warrior Judy Akin * December 2020 WARRIOR OF THE MONTH

Hawaii, USA

warrior judy.jpeg

Hope with Jonathan Interview CLICK HERE

I was diagnosed in August 2019 with a GFR of 22.  I was hospitalized for a biopsy and 500 mg of steroids for three days.  I left the hospital with a treatment plan that included high dose prednisone.  I quickly decided that I was going to avoid dialysis for as long as I possibly could. After a lot of research and meeting with a nutritionist, I made the choice to go plant based. The combination of the prednisone treatment and the diet, I was able to raise my GFR, and lower my creatinine and protein.  

Currently I am considered stable at a GFR that fluctuates between a 45 to 55. The prednisone is down to 10mg a day. I have embraced the plant based cooking, and enjoy sharing my recipes and information that I have gained with others. 

Warrior Andre.jpg

Warrior Andre

North Carolina, USA

Warrior Andre needs a Kidney.

He is listed at==> DUKE HEALTH 

Phone Number : 1 252-915-9415


I have kidney failure - 25 years of living with diabetes my kidneys no longer work and that’s why I’m writing today to ask for your help - Living with diabetes has been tough (daily insulin injections - frequent doctors’ visits) but adding kidney failure to the mix has made my health so much worse

I use to go to hemo dialysis 3 times a week for a machine to do the work my kidneys can no longer do - It took over 15 hours out of my week - every week, and drains me of all my energy - The schedule made it difficult to work, travel, and even see my family that's out of town and state - I am Ineed a kidney transplant - But the average wait time for a kidney transplant while on the deceased donor waiting list is 3-5 years - Living kidney donation is the best option to help me get off the waiting list and live a healthier life - That’s why I am writing to all of you - I am in need of someone to donate a kidney to me - What most people don’t know is that you only need one kidney to live a healthy life - I would appreciate it if you would consider donating your kidney and/or sharing this post to get the word out for me - That would mean so much - Thank you all for taking the time to read my story. Recently, Andre's condition with Diabetes sadly worsened and he had to have a leg amputated below the knee. Please pray for him and help him find a Living Kidney Donor.


Warrior Shane Blanchard

Iowa, USA

Warrior Shane needs a Kidney.

He is listed at University of Iowa Health Care Transplant Centre. 1-319-356-1136

Blood Type: AB+

To hear Shane's full story



Warrior Elizabeth (Biz) Chapman

Ontario, Canada


My name is Elizabeth. My family calls me Biz. At 16 I was diagnosed with lupus, which I managed for several years. Eventually, it caused my immune system to attack my kidneys. Now, at 29, I’m experiencing renal failure and have been put on hemodialysis.

Presently I am on hemodialysis three times a week for several hours at a time. Essentially, my life has been put on hold.

I'm very passionate about travel and the outdoors, but since I have been on dialysis I have been unable to pursue these things that make me feel complete.

My best option for returning to an active and adventurous lifestyle as soon as possible is to receive a transplant from a living donor.

A living donation is when a healthy person freely decides to donate one of their kidneys. Unfortunately, in Ontario the wait time to receive a transplant from a deceased donor can be up to seven years or more. Living donations are far more beneficial. In addition to the shorter wait times, the general procedure can increase my survival rate, the kidney can last significantly longer (upwards of 20 years as opposed to 10), and the success rate of the transplant is much higher than a transplant from a deceased donor. Not to mention, living kidney donations are the most successful of all transplant procedures!

Are you interested in saving my life? See the link below to fill out the initial living donation forms:


Please contact me if you have any questions!

Email: bizneedsabean@gmail.com

Warrior Cayden

South Carolina, USA


Cayden may have just celebrated 4yrs since he got his kidney transplant but his journey started when he was just two and half weeks old. What had appeared has a normal beginning to life would actually be the farthest thing from true, after 2 1/2 weeks his pediatrician stated that there was nothing more office hours could do, we needed to take him to MUSC right away. What was originally thought to be a failure to thrive turned out to be more, much more than we thought. After hours of different tests, blood takes and at last an ultrasound, it was quickly realized that the issue was with his kidneys. He was eventually diagnosed with end stage renal disease due to a ureterocele causing a backup of fluid. His labs showed a sodium of 109, potassium out of whack and a doctor amazed that he was still functioning.  They would fight for weeks to get him stable enough to move forward to try different methods to relieve the pressure on his kidneys but to no avail. In time it would show that both of his kidneys would never function as they should for him to  live and function normally. So they moved forward, placing a g-tube and peritoneal dialysis catheter.  I learned in the remaining days at the hospital, how to do dialysis, give medication and the everyday care of a medically fragile child like Cayden. he spent 15 months on dialysis, therapy appointments, doctor visits and regular lab check up's. Each ounce he gained meant we were that much closer to a transplant, the less time we spent in the hospital the faster we got approved to be placed on the transplant list. On December 22, 2016 he was officially listed on the transplant list, we would be entering in as an exchange due to the fact that myself and two of my brothers had antibodies that would cause a higher risk  for rejection. My little brother would give his kidney so Cayden would eventually be able to receive his.  Cayden would get the call in January but unfortunately that first donor would get sick making a transplant impossible. But luckily a few weeks later we received word that we had the perfect match for Cayden. So on 02/21/2017 we started on our next step of Cayden's amazing journey.


Warrior Dee Moore

Birmingham, England

Instagram & Facebook: @diaryofakidneywarrior

Twitter: @diaryofakidneyw

YouTube: https://youtube.com/channel/UChGUfib7lu9eKENlLJ6lafw

For Dee's Podcast information Please Click Here


It started with a Headache

It started with a headache, well, not just any old headache, a stabbing headache! A headache that I couldn’t ignore; you see for me, a headache represented something more sinister. The last time I had a headache like this was back in 2003 when I was pregnant with my first child and to cut a very long story short, I nearly went blind and I needed lifesaving brain surgery. So for me, a headache was what finally forced me through the doors of A&E. TO READ MORE CLICK HERE

Warrior Lisa Baxter

New York, USA

For The Lisa Baxter Show Click Here

Lisa Baxter.jpg

I got PKD from my Father. We didn't know much about back then. I had six siblings on dialysis 2 aunts an uncle mother in law great aunt. I was on dialysis 12 years before I got my kidney. During the 12 years I learned what I could for myself family and kidney world I became an Advocate in my Center. I still held my job as a Social Worker was a caregiver for several family members. I started giving out all type of resources job apartment food GED ESL immigration scholarship etc I started my company Blessed kidney Connections. I started the Lisa Baxter show 10 years running. I would spread awareness school senior center community church college. I wrote six books Through the eyes of a dialysis patient Books@bookbaby.com Melsy takes dialysis to show & tell Amazon Barnes and Noble sales@Xlibris.com. I love people I won awards but the real reward is helping others. My new kidney is almost 5 years old. I call my kidney Hannah after a baby we wanted to have. He was a perfect match but became I'll and couldn't give me a kidney my husband Mitchell Baxter. I still Volunteer at hospital juvenile justice center. I do health fair to raise awareness. I also have bone joint disease Arthritis Bronchitis osteoporosis but I am alive and kicking.

Anything to add: I love the smile on people face watching them go stronger. I work for Rise Up East New York as a Health Campaign Manager working with a great team to help a community to live learn prevent but keep living.

Warrior Brittany Du

Texas, USA

Britt Du.jpg

My God's Untold Story 

My God's Untold Story started when I was discovered with end stage kidney disease in December 2017. November 27, 2018 was put on the UNOS (United Network of Organ Sharing) transplant list yet God has gifted me a another life with a kidney. Even though I was never gaining so much weight, things were for me fluctuating I believe God had a purpose for me in life and faith I can't wait to celebrate in July 5th my second transplantversary. Trump made an executive order on advancing kidney health I share this day too when I got out of the hospital after transplant.  

An anonymous kidney donor who learned about living donation on the radio saved Brittany’s life July 5, 2019 and this is my happy day.

“Before I knew I was going to have a kidney transplant, my parents had asked me if I could live on dialysis,” Brittany said. “I made the decision that it was God's will. Because my blood type is really rare, I was supposed to wait 5-7 years.” Brittany waited 7 months thanks to an altruistic living donor. “The night before my transplant, Dr. Greg Abrahamian called my dad and said the anesthesiologist found an arrhythmia in my EKG. The next day I was admitted to the hospital.” Even though my kidney transplant surgery was postponed, we noticed the many blessings God had given me.

Our house was pitched black with no lights but I had to call my dad from his cell phone at 3 am to help am to help me since I was still connected with the peritoneal dialysis machine and figure out how to manually disconnect me and taking a sponge bath to be sterile before heading over for my procedure with flashlights.

My dad was doing 40 days of prayer. God was speaking to him to pray for the many blessings in the darkest hours. We already noticed the many blessings God gave me as a living kidney donor willing to donate to me later when we left to go to the hospital my sister called us and said our lights went back on. My dad and I remembered how in January 2018 my heart stopped and my dad prayed for a miracle. This was God's miracle that He used and showed me. I feel blessed every day by a walking miracle to help empower and educate others.

Brittany got to go home on July 10, 2019 with a new kidney, she also shares this was the day The Executive Order on kidney disease was signed by President Donald Trump. A milestone for her and the country!" I feel blessed every day by a walking miracle to help empower and educate others.

My favorite Scripture verse that gets me through everything:

Psalms 73:21-26 When my heart was sad and I was angry, I was senseless and stupid I acted like an animal toward you. I am always with you. You have held my hand. You guide me with your advice. Later you will receive me in honor. I have no one in heaven but you. I want nothing on earth besides you. My health may become weak but God is my strength. He is mine forever. 

(Jesus is our Spiderman)


Warrior Teresa Clark


kidney warrior NP.png

Hello my name is Teresa Clark. I have Polycystic kidney disease. I was diagnosed in my 30s and started dialysis at age 55.  When my Dr informed me that it was my time to start dialysis I decided to do the least invasive and do peritoneal dialysis  I did this dialysis at night and worked three 12 hour shifts a week at a local hospital as an ER Secretary. Since I was doing dialysis at home my husband and I decided to purchase a Motorhome to travel the country in. As we were researching which one we one we wanted I had two bad hernias and they had to take my port out which meant I now had to do dialysis incenter. My husband said I guess no Motorhome and I said oh yes we can still travel we just have to buy a Motorhome with a good generator in case we need to use it. We purchased the Motorhome and traveled fulltime while I did dialysis incenter all over the country for 2 1/2 years. When we were in Florida we were invited to a dinner sponsored by nxstage. We arrived at the restaurant and there was a big Motorhome with Nxstage written all over it we knocked on the door and met a guy named Harvey who followed his favorite football team all season with his Motorhome and did home hemo along the way. We were so impressed and he encouraged us to do the same.  When we arrived in Arizona I inquired about home hemo a month later my husband and I started training I felt amazing after the first treatment!!!  It’s now two years later and yes we are still traveling the country  in our Motorhome with our two black labs and doing home hemo along the way.  I live my life on dialysis my way and live each day to fullest 😊😊😊

Teresa Clark

Julia A.jpg

Warrior Julia Aronson

Colorado, USA

Website : www.julesneedsakidney.com

Instagram: @haute_hemodialysis 



Hi Everyone,

My name is Julia Aronson. I am reaching out to you all with the hope that you can help me share this news far and wide. I am 30 years old and live right outside of Denver in Castle Rock, Colorado.  I recently learned that I need a kidney transplant and that a living donor is my best shot at survival. I have had systemic lupus since 2004. In 2017 I was also diagnosed with lupus nephritis which compelled me to drop out of nursing school and is now destroying my kidneys. I am currently undergoing dialysis three times a week leaving me feeling crummy, weak, and exhausted without motivation to do much.  I want to be healthy and productive again; I am young and hope to have a long life ahead of me!! I want to start a business, enjoy working with and riding horses, dancing

at live music concerts, playing and hiking with my dog, traveling the globe and, someday, starting a family. I look forward to a time when I’m not tired or unwell and can live my life to the fullest, able to return the support of family and friends and give back to the world. 


I started Dialysis on an emergency basis on 9/29/20 and that day I started my Instagram @haute_hemodialysis to share my story, find a donor for myself, and to help support anyone going through this. I had been sick since I was 14 and never planned on sharing my story until I had no choice. In one of the scariest situations in my life I found solace in the “spoonie” community, and it was actually empowering. so while dialysis is my full time job at the moment I engage with and try to offer help and support to my followers. I don’t always post pretty things, but kidney failure is not pretty and I want to be as real as possible about this journey. I think it’s important to be armed with as much knowledge as possible.

At the moment I am on pause because in January I was hospitalized due to TWO pulmonary embolisms. They are usually fatal because they are so rarely detected. I got really lucky, but am on blood thinners and a PE is considered a major cardiac event so I must wait at least 6 months. In the meantime I continue to take care of myself, spread my story while helping others, and I am working on getting my strength back to be in the best shape possible for transplant! In the future after my surgery I plan on continuing to help kidney and lupus warriors that are struggling. I want a kidney for everyone. It’s startling to me that the majority of people waiting for organs are waiting for kidneys.

I realize I am making a monumental request, but a kidney from a living donor can save my life. Typically, a blood relative, spouse, or close family friend donates one of their kidneys to the patient in need. However, any altruistic individual can make an anonymous donation without knowing the recipient personally. A donor can live a normal, robust life with only one kidney. Donation costs are covered by my insurance. Someone who is blood type B or O (positive or negative) has the greatest chance of being a good match, but anyone can donate regardless of blood type through a program called paired donation.

To see more, visit:


Please forward this appeal by email and/or share my story on social media to help find me a new kidney. Search for my Facebook page, Jules Needs A Kidney, to see updates on my progress. Look me up on Instagram @haute_hemodialysis to follow my battle with kidney failure and read my tips offered to encourage other sufferers.

If you have questions or a message for me, please email my Living Donor Champions: my friend, Kirsten Lunding, and my parents, Joan and Jeff Aronson, at JULESNEEDSAKIDNEY@COMCAST.NET


Please visit http://www.pslmc.com/signmeup to fill out a survey to start the evaluation process.

Link will open One Medical Passport. Click green “Register” button. Create your account. Continue. Choose Presbyterian/St. Luke’s as Medical Facility. Enter JULIA ARONSON as Named Recipient.

You may also call the PSL Transplant Center at (720) 754-2155, or (800) 758-1005, Option 3.

With gratitude,


Warrior Patricia Stabler Yates

South Carolina, USA

Facebook Page: Patricia Needs a Kidney Donor

Donation Information: 

Medical University Of South Carolina Department of Transplant Surgery 162 Ashley Ave, MSC 586 Charleston, SC 29425 Transplant Cooridnator: Tara Terell or Living Donor Coordinator: Michelle McQueeny Phone: (843) 792-5097 Phone: (800) 277-8687 Fax: (843) 876-2968 https://mychart.muschealth.com

Patirica 2.jpg

This is my kidney story I had no idea I was even sick next thing I knew I was working daily on two jobs fast food and retail I'd go I at 11 and work until 3 pm and then go to my second job and work until 9 pm every night. I ended up losing weight all because of the first job in fast food due to the heat that was created due to cooking and the second with doing heavy lifting of boxes, I happened to go into work one day after the restaurant and my boss with the retail job asked me what was wrong with me I went and said why he said you looked have dead I didn't think nothing if it and I had already started to lose weight with the only symptoms of being sick and my clothes nearly staying up on my waist. Well eventually my then boss he had changed jobs and I was let go so I went looking for yet another job but I had already quit the restaurant job bf starting to look so I found another job and started working there not long after that I started getting sick losing even more weight. So it came down to me being sick daily and my then assistant manager asked if I was ok of course I say I don't know and she told me to go home of course I didn't want to all because she would have been left at the store by herself the rest of the day so by this time I was sick and tired of being sick so I went to DR's care back then and ask for a full blood work up, and low and behold it comes back as hyperthyroidism and kidney failure the DR couldn't tell me just how bad the CKD was at the time when I asked him so I was set up with a referral to the only transplant center at the time in south Carolina. So I went to all my appointments and found out I was at end stage renal disease and a GFR 15% from there I started seeing all my kidney DR'S nephrologist and getting eventually transfer to dialysis very quickly but took me a while to decide to do dialysis but by this time I was at stage 5 with a GFR of 10% but took me months to decide and put it basically I hold to figure out what dialysis I would choose which turned out to be peritoneal the best choice I could make for myself at the time so I went through the surgery for my Pd catheter and not long after for my fistula that would go on to not last and have another done which would be the second I should have stopped there only because it didn't last and ended up with a third fistula and it did last either. So I went on to use my Pd catheter for three and a half years before getting my transplant and now I am back to where I was sitting the every first time I was diagnosed the first time with CKD and looking for my lifesaving living kidney donor this time.

Hello. My name is Patricia Yates I am 58 yrs. old and I have stage 4 CKD with anemia and have a GFR of 19% I am also an O + blood type and can use any blood type and try for a cross match. I also would be deserving of my second chance at life I am in need a living kidney donor and would forever be grateful for anyone that is willing to help save my life. I am a wife of 40 years and a mother of two adult children and two young grandchildren. I still have a deceased kidney donor transplant that is close to needing a new one my team set me up to get a biopsy done in 2015 about eight months after my transplant due to a borderline rejection that was treated no fault of my own with my deceased donor kidney it was found that I have Acute Kidney Injury, with no explanation except that my transplant doctor's thinking it could be that my deceased donor was going into the beginning stages of kidney failure herself as well after getting the gift of life donor kidney that in life she wanted to help after her death. I have always diligently taken all of my immunosuppression medications over the 5.5 years or so for my donor kidney and so not to reject the kidney.




Hi my name is John, I am an American living in Los Angeles. I love to play soccer, basketball and spent time with my awesome family and friends. Unfortunately, I have this nasty, bad, potentially fatal kidney disease call PKD, it causes cysts to grow all over my kidney and eats up all my kidney functions and leads to kidney failure. It is a genetic disease I inherited at birth, and my dad had it, and he passed away due to this terrible PKD disease. Its wreaked havoc in my family.         


California has longest wait time of almost 10 years, I may die on dialysis before I can get a kidney. Furthermore, Dialysis is a slow killing machine, so I pray for a matching donor soon!         


A living donor has longest longevity for recipients, and PKD patient like myself have the best outcome after transplant. Great news is PKD disease will not come back on your new kidney! I will treasure and treat your kidney right, I am on vegan diet!         


I still have so many long term plans, people to help and dreams to achieve. It is a ridiculously huge thing to ask, and I feel awful writing this. But as much as I will try and make every effort to stay well and strong, I am only going to get weaker and weaker as time goes on due to the progression of this disease.         

You only need one kidney to live, I need one kidney to survive.         

CALL/TEXT me 818-949-8325 for info on how to help me. Please spread the word with REWARDS to help increase my chance at life! Thank you so much for reading all of this... LOVE!  

Warrior John Chen

California, USA

Website : www.savejohnslife.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/savejohnslife/

Email:  johnsongo88@gmail.com


Warrior Michelle Sivertson

Salt Lake City, UT

Kidney Transplant Recipient x 2
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chellieandfaithtk226/

In February 1997 I found out I had extremely high blood pressure after a car accident landed me in the Emergency Room.

Two months after that accident, I was diagnosed with Chronic Interstitial Nephritis, or Kidney Disease. I still jokingly tell people that my parents jinxed me by donating a car to the National Kidney Foundation of Utah/Idaho. I have since learned that a few of my great grandparents had the same diagnosis, so it may be a hereditary thing as well.

I met my husband Scott in May 1999 and we were married exactly one year after our first date on May 11, 2000.

Five years later, one week before our anniversary, I started in center hemodialysis. I started dialysis with a tunneled chest catheter because my fistula had not “matured” enough to use yet. Eventually I had to have the fistula raised to just below the surface of the skin so that it could be accessed more easily to stick with the 14 gauge needles used for dialysis.

In 2008 I was referred for a kidney transplant and on April 28, 2010 I got the call for my first kidney! That morning I was at my parents house on dog duty taking care of our family dog Fuji, as well as playing kidney games on a kidney website on their computer. Lesson learned: When the transplant coordinators tell you you’re close to the top of the waiting list, I highly recommend that your phone be glued to your hip at all times! I left my phone on the kitchen table upstairs and missed the call from the transplant coordinator. Good thing I had filled out and turned in my emergency contact list to the dialysis center because they called my parents house looking for me to let me know the transplant team was trying to track me down for a kidney! Kind of funny when you’re at your parents house and your dialysis center shows up in their caller ID. To answer or not to answer, that was the question! I can’t even imagine how different my life would be if I had not answered that call! I dropped everything I was doing, made a few phone calls to Scott, work, my sisters, and posted a big broadcast on Facebook. I also tried getting a hold of my parents, but they were in an area with no cell service. Can you imagine their surprise when they talked to my sister the next day? Scott also left his work without clocking out! The only thing I wanted to know when I got to the hospital was how many other patients they had lined up for this kidney! Thankfully, it was all mine! This first kidney I called George. It just felt right and somehow the name just fit. I found out later that this kidney came from a deceased donor from Cleveland Ohio.

In August of 2011 I started a Pharmacy Technician program at the local community college because I was finally able and ready to go back to school and then start an actual career! If you had seen the amount of transplant meds I was taking you’d understand why I pursued that career choice. One month after starting the program we found and adopted our maltipoo Jojo from the local animal shelter. He has been such a blessing for both of us and not only did we save him, but he saved me as well by filling a big mama hole in my heart!

In January 2013 I had my first rejection episode with my George kidney. I highly recommend that if your doctor puts you on prednisone not to mess with it. Yes, granted, it’s an evil little drug, but for all intents and purposes and as Dr B, nephrologist number four would say, why screw up a good thing? I had already taken my Pharm Tech national exam and passed and received my license while in the hospital for rejection treatment. I ultimately decided that I needed to live my life to the fullest and ended up not getting a pharmacy tech job. Instead, I lived! I traveled to Vernal UT to visit friends as much and as often as I could over the next 5 years that my kidney was functioning. I also took a trip to Las Vegas in October 2013 to meet friends from a transplant group called the Show Your Scars Tour. I still keep in touch and am friends with

many of the wonderful people I met during that trip and they have been such a blessing in my life!

Over the next 3 ½ years I started singing with a community choir again, started dialysis for a second time on Halloween, and yes, I wore my vampire shirt which read “I’m You’re Biggest Fang!” A little humor never hurt anyone, right? I had also had 1 foot surgery and was looking into weight loss surgery (gastric sleeve onJanuary 26, 2017) to help me lose weight for transplant number 2! Yes, I was going to go for a second...when you want to live so badly that you’ll go through it as many times as it takes you’ll do anything, and I did!

IIn March 2017 I had to have my George kidney removed because of an ugly rejection.

In May 2017 I was FINALLY listed for transplant #2! There was bad news about this one: my antibody level was at 99, which basically meant that my body would only accept 1% of the O blood type population. Wow, those were some terrible odds. But there was good news: I was put on a regional priority list. I knew deep down that my wait time would not be the 10 years they told me. Not even 5. I kept myself as healthy as I could and walked every single day. Every time I got the monthly call asking if I had any infections I was happy to report “No!” The only hiccup I had while on “The List” this time around was needing another foot surgery to fix a broken screw from a previous foot surgery. Remember that prednisone I mentioned earlier? It can do a number on your bones and my right foot took the brunt of it. I ended up needing to have not only one screw replaced, a plate and four purple screws put in, but also needed donor bone marrow put in my foot. Hey, at least the hardware looked pretty! This paused my wait time on the list for two months, October through December. The best Christmas present I got that year was being reactivated on the list!

Do you believe in prayer and miracles? Cause I do! From the time they gave me my odds in May 2017 to the day I got “The Call” on February 25, 2018, I prayed. Every. Single. Day! I had such faith that God would find me my 1% matching kidney. I knew! When they told me that surgery was a go and they were taking me down to pre-op my brain was having a hard time believing it. And I only had one question for the surgeon. How was this even possible? His response: “This kidney’s got your name on it”. And the match? It was a 5 out of 6 on the antigen scale. After a three hour surgery, this kidney started doing it’s job right away. It took a few days to come up with a name for this one, but after much pondering on the journey that I had been on leading up to getting this second one, there was only one name that would appropriately fit this kidney: FAITH


Warrior Guadalupe Lopez

Texas USA


Hi my name Is Guadalupe Lopez I’m 50 years old a father of 3 children n grandfather of 2 ,I’m From Corpus Christi ,Texas ,I was diagnosed with Kidney Failure in July 2020 ,I was taken to the hospital that night by Ambulance I then spend 10 days in the hospital and a chest catheter was placed on me to start dialysis, I now do in clinic dialysis 3 times a week and cat times is really draining and tiring on my body .I’m in search of a matching living kidney donor ,I am blood Type O and am Registered at Methodist Transplant hospital in San Antonio ,Tx

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Warrior Sue Leitner

New York USA

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June 27th, 1992, was supposed to be the happiest day of my life. I had just delivered my son, Matthew, and was anticipating the beautiful life ahead for my husband and me.

Yet, as I remained in the hospital recovering, my doctor came in and said, “I have bad news. Your kidney levels are elevated.” After a series of tests, I was diagnosed with focal segmental glomerulosclerosis, a type of kidney disease. “You will need a kidney transplant to survive”, the doctors informed me.

My heart sank.​


Determined to not let this diagnosis get the best of me, I did everything I could to stay healthy. I watched what I ate, exercised, and did everything else possible to prolong needing a kidney transplant. Ten years’ later, my generous family came to the rescue. My mother, and sister tested to be my donor. Typically, siblings prove to be the best match for each other. In this case, however, my mother, who was 67 years-old at the time, ended up being a perfect match. She was even the oldest living kidney donor in NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia history.

On October 30, 2003, we underwent our surgeries. The day after was Halloween, so my mom waltzed into my hospital room wearing a Halloween mask. I felt better than I had in years and was relieved to see my mom recovering so quickly.

I knew I was lucky.

Over the years, my mother and I became active in the National Kidney Foundation and even participated in their 2004 Transplant Olympics!

At age 84 she is still an active member of the community. I’ve found this community to be not only a strong support for what I went through, but a way to give back and help those who are currently in need of an organ transplant.

I have truly had the beautiful life I imagined the day my son was born. I’ve had a loving relationship with my husband, whom I met at the University at Albany during our freshman year. We realized during our first encounter that we had grown up one town over from each other on Long Island and have been inseparable ever since. I got to see my son graduate from both the University of Michigan and Harvard Business School, making me feel very proud as a mom. I’ve been able to have a successful career as an accountant for trusts and private foundations, and I love what I do.

On New Year’s Eve of 2019, my heart sank again.  The doctors informed me that my mother’s kidney was failing. I would need another transplant to survive.

This time, however, the situation was more urgent. My doctor immediately placed me on dialysis 3 times a week for 3+ hours a session to keep my kidney function stable to keep me alive. Unfortunately, with twenty years gone by, my sister is not able to donate the way we had previously hoped. Other family members who would gladly donate their kidney to me are sadly not eligible to be a living donor.

I am now hoping to rely on the generosity of others to find a living donor so I can get back to living my beautiful life. I am a very private person, but I know that to receive the kidney transplant I need I must venture outside my comfort zone and share my story with the world.

My family and I created a campaign this year to make it easy to learn about living kidney donation, and, should you feel so inclined, register as my donor with the Columbia Kidney and Pancreatic Transplant Center at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital in New York City. We’ve also taken to social media to share updates about my journey, and let people know what they can do to help us spread the word and help me find my perfect match.

Please like, follow, and share my Facebook and Instagram pages (@Donor4Sue) share my story with your friends and family, and consider being my living donor.

With Love,
Sue, Rob, and Matt